Deciding to sell FSBO on your Bradenton home?

Selling your home FSBO (For Sale By Owner) is an exciting venture! It means fewer fees and gives you more control over when you sell, how you sell, and whom you sell to. However, it also comes with its challenges — without a real estate agent, you’ll need to handle the marketing, showings, negotiations, and … Continued

Replacing carpet in your Bradenton home?

Thinking of replacing the carpet in your house? Here at Manatee, we’ve bought and sold numerous homes in Bradenton and Sarasota, and that means we’ve replaced a LOT of carpet. So, we’ve picked up some useful tips along the way that we’d like to share with you. Tips for Replacing Your Carpet Rent the Right … Continued

How do you repair your hardwood floors?

Wondering how to repair your hardwood floors? For today’s buyers, hardwood floors are a desirable aspect of a home. In fact, more real estate agents agree that homes with hardwood floors are easier to sell! But that’s not true if the floor is damaged. At Manatee, we’ve been working in Bradenton-Sarasota for quite some time … Continued

How can you tell if you’re getting a good deal?

When you’re buying a home, how can you tell if you got a good deal or not? Real estate agents might say it’s a good deal… The seller might say it’s a good deal… But is there a way that you can run the numbers for yourself? At Manatee, we’ve been buying and selling real … Continued

Can you now work from home and considering moving to Bradenton?

Due to the challenges of ongoing current events, more people than ever before are now working remotely — from home, at coffee shops, or in co-working spaces. Maybe YOU — for the first time ever — find yourself working remotely. And for many people, working remotely sparks a thought: “Well shoot… I can live anywhere … Continued

Is a tenant or landlord responsible for property damage?

Who pays for damages to a property? The renter or the homeowner/landlord? That’s a good question. We’ve been working in real estate in Bradenton for quite some time and have seen a lot of disputes between renters and landlords about who should pay for damages to a property. The truth is that it really depends … Continued

Dealing with cracked driveways in Bradenton

How do you repair a cracked driveway? At Manatee, we’ve been working in real estate for quite some time and have seen our fair share of cracked driveways — we’ve also FIXED our fair share of cracked driveways 😉 So… how do you do it? Fortunately, repairing a cracked driveway is probably something you can … Continued

Thinking of remodeling a bathroom in your Bradenton home?

Thinking of remodeling your bathroom? That might be a good idea! Doing so can increase the value of your home and make it more appealing to buyers. However, we don’t recommend remodeling your bathroom solely to make your home easier to sell and for more money. The average bathroom remodel costs about $20,000, and homeowners … Continued

Can gardening actually increase your property value?

Love gardening and wondering if there’s a way to use your green thumb to increase the value of your home? Well, there just might be! Some buyers on the market today love seeing a well-kept garden when they view a home — it’s not just an amenity, it’s also a sign that the current owners … Continued

Curious about solar panels in Bradenton?

Thinking of installing solar panels on your roof to cut your energy bill? You’re not alone. In 2019 alone, there were 2 million solar panel installations in the U.S., according to PV Magazine. But is it a good idea to install solar panels on YOUR home in Bradenton or Sarasota? We’ve been in the real … Continued

You don’t need to choose between your kids college and needed home repairs

Feeling torn between prioritizing your child’s college education and essential home repairs? It’s a common struggle when finances feel stretched thin. The average cost of a 4-year degree is significant, ranging from $103,000 to $215,000, according to This financial burden may force you to make tough decisions about where your paycheck goes. If home … Continued

Can you negotiate your real estate commissions?

Feeling uneasy about the commission rate your real estate agent proposed? The good news is, you’re not stuck with it – commission rates are negotiable. If an agent claims otherwise, it might be time to explore other options. At Manatee, with our extensive experience in Bradenton, we’re well-versed in this negotiation process. Here are some … Continued

Is your agent overpricing your home?

Selling your home in Bradenton or Sarasota? It’s crucial to work with a real estate agent who prioritizes honesty, effective negotiation skills, and a strong marketing strategy over simply promising a higher listing price. Overpricing a home can lead to extended time on the market and ultimately result in the need for price reductions, which … Continued

Considering changing school districts?

Choosing the right school district for your children is a significant decision, and it’s great that you’re considering all the factors involved. Here are some additional tips to help you make the best choice: By thoroughly researching and considering these factors, you can make an informed decision about which school district will best meet the … Continued

Thinking of moving closer to family?

Moving closer to family can be a big decision, and it’s great that you’re considering all the factors involved. Here are some additional tips to help you navigate the process: By carefully considering these aspects, you can make an informed decision about moving closer to family and ensure that the transition is smooth and beneficial … Continued
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