Experiencing bad contractors on your Bradenton home?

Are contractors botching the work on your home? This happens wayyy too often. Some contractors think that they can do poor quality work and get away with it. Unfortunately, they usually do get away with it… And sometimes the best thing you can do is fire them before they do more damage to your home. … Continued

Do you have mold in your Bradenton home?

Does your house have mold? Not only can mold damage your house… it can also make the people living there sick if it’s not taken care of. At the same time, finding the mold and getting rid of it can be tedious and expensive. At Manatee, we’ve helped a lot of homeowners deal with a … Continued

Need to move out of your Bradenton home?

Do you need to move because of a job change? While furthering your career or getting a new job can be exciting, the process of actually moving is sometimes stressful and overwhelming. You have to pack, market and sell your home, and coordinate everything with your new job. To make the process as simple as … Continued

Is your Bradenton House In Ill Repair?

Are you tired of paying for maintenance on your home? Well… you’re not the only one. Aging is hard on properties — and homeowners can end up spending a lot of money fixing up a home that’s outdated or in ill repair. Unfortunately, it seems like after you fix one problem… another problem is just … Continued

Thinking about selling your Bradenton house in a bad neighborhood?

Don’t like the area where you’re living? Neighborhoods are like living organisms — they change and adapt with time. Unfortunately, they don’t always change for the better… sometimes they become less desirable. At Manatee, for instance, we’ve worked with a lot of homeowners who purchased a home in a great neighborhood… but then that area … Continued

Trying to get rid of asbestos in your Bradenton home?

Trying to get rid of asbestos? Before 1980, asbestos was commonly used in a lot of different home-building materials. This means, if you have an older home, it’s likely that the ceiling, wall plasters, wallboard, floor, and even ceiling have asbestos in them. On its own, this isn’t a problem. But it BECOMES a problem … Continued

Trying to update your Bradenton home to sell on the MLS?

Trying to update your home so you can sell on the MLS? Awesome! But it can be hard to know what to fix, what to upgrade, and what to leave alone. After all, you don’t want to spend more money than you need to get your home ready for buyers. At Manatee, we’ve helped a … Continued

We Buy Houses in Bradenton For Cash: Ready To Sell?

Many people don’t know that they can sell their house as-is, for a fair cash price, in just 2 weeks… But they — and YOU — can. In fact, we’ve worked with tons of home sellers in Bradenton, to help them sell their home quickly. Some of them were struggling through a messy divorce, some … Continued

Unsure of what to do after inhering a home in Bradenton?

Unsure of what to do after inheriting a house? We get it. While you’re grateful to be on the person’s will, inheriting a home comes with a lot of unexpected responsibilities. For example, you’ll now be responsible for taxes, insurance, and any leftover debt. Fortunately, at Manatee we’ve worked with a lot of people in … Continued

Dealing with debt and your Bradenton home

Dealing with debt can be a real pain.

But did you know that most people struggle with debt?

The average American now has $38,000 in personal debt, not including their mortgage payment.

Crazy, right?

So we thought it would be appropriate to share some quick tips about how to get out of debt… faster.

Trying to sell a Bradenton home with structural damage?

Are you trying to sell a home with structural damage? While you can try to make your house look pretty for potential buyers, most real estate agents are trained to spot the telltale signs of structural damage (sagging floors, uneven walls, cracks in the foundation, etc) and they will discourage their clients from following through … Continued

Dealing with a hoarder in your Bradenton house?

Are you trying to sell a home of someone who hoarded possessions? Unfortunately, it can be a real headache to sell a house with hundreds of possessions that are packed into every nook and cranny of the home. Just CLEANING the place can take months. So what should you do? Well, at Manatee, we’ve worked … Continued

Has your Bradenton home been damaged by a storm?

Has your home been damaged by a storm? Maybe it happened recently or maybe it happened years ago… and you’re just now realizing that you can’t afford to hold onto the home. We get it… it’s a tough situation. If you really don’t want to sell, then you might consider repairing damages and even rebuilding … Continued

Trying to sell your Bradenton home with a torn up yard?

Trying to sell a home with a torn-up yard? We get it… For better or worse, the first thing that buyers see — before they even walk in your house — is the lawn. And if that yard leaves a bad first impression, it can make potential buyers walk away without a second-glance. Fortunately, that’s … Continued